‘Shu-in’ Stamps and ‘Go-en’ Beads

You can receive the following at each shrine and temple as commemoration of your trip.
‘Shu-in’ stamp (500 yen each with a free bead)

About the stamps and beads

The stamps bear the name and a character representing each shrine or temple and are proof of your visit. You will also receive a wooden bead with the same characters as the stamp carved into it. The beads accompany the stamps, and are not sold or given away separately.

By visiting each shrine and temple and receiving each bead the circle of ‘en’ is completed. The beads are made from the wood of the Japanese cherry blossom tree, and they are made by traditional carving techniques used in local abacus production.

Each bead bears the pilgrimage number, name and the character representing each shrine or temple.

You can arrange the beads in order of the pilgrimage or in the order of the route you took. The completed bead set is proof of your visit and makes a nice commemorative lucky charm.