Mangan-no-sho Completion Certificate

If you wish to receive the certificate, please complete the application form at the last shrine or temple of your visit. You may be asked to show your completed pilgrimage book or bead set as proof of finishing the pilgrimage. The certificate costs 3000 yen.

* Please note that some shrines and temples are unable to accept applications. These are Gakuenji Temple, Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya, Daisenji Temple and Susa Shrine.If the last site on your journey is one of these, please send your form by post to Enza-no-kai, Ichibata Yakushi (the 3rd site) 803 Kozakai-cho, Izumo, Shimane 691-0074

Mangan-no-sho Completion Certificate
3000 yen

You can apply for a Mangan-no-sho Completion Certificate upon finishing the pilgrimage if you so wish. Applicants will also receive a Mangan Magatama Bead. (Mangan means the fulfillment of a vow or wish).

Mangan Magatama Bead

You will receive this bead made from agate with your certificate. The Japanese characters for mangan are carved in the bead which makes a nice souvenir or lucky charm. You can tie it to the largest wooden bead on your completed bead set if you wish.

* You cannot receive or buy the Mangan Magatama Bead separately.